Fire & Smoke Damage

A house fire is one of the most traumatic and dangerous situations you can experience as a homeowner.  Not only is there the immediate concern for the safety of your family, but there is the emotional assault of watching your home and possessions be destroyed before your eyes.  When the fire has been extinguished and you begin the process figuring out how to move forward, it is vital that you involve the expertise of a Restoration Company as quickly as possible.  The lingering effects of smoke and fire damage can be greatly mitigated when properly addressed by a trained professional, however time is of the essence.  If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, call Victory RCS and allow us to help you salvage as much of your valuable possessions as possible.

  • Once it is safe to enter your home, always wear a protective mask and gloves
  • Limit movement in the home to prevent embedding of soot
  • If power is out, remove contents of the refrigerator and freezer and leave doors propped open
  • Open all windows to allow the house to air out and change the filter for your HVAC system
  • Do not attempt to clean walls, furniture, or floors as this requires special procedures
  • Make a thorough inventory of all items in the home that will need to be replaced and document with pictures
  • Do not use the A/C or Furnace until the house has been professionally restored
  • To prevent more damage, do not sit on or move furniture

Contact Victory RCS as soon as possible following a fire.

Immediate action is required to help minimize the damage caused by residual smoke and soot.

Here are some important tips to consider immediately following a fire...

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is one of those essential aspects of home ownership that you hope you will never need.  However, when disaster strikes, you will be so grateful that the cost of restoring your home and valuables will be mostly covered by your insurance company. Victory RCS will work closely with your insurance company throughout the process of restoring and repairing your home to it's original condition.

Remember these important tips when dealing with your insurance company: