Mold Remediation

Mold spores are very common and are routinely encountered in the everyday flow of life.  While mold spores are common, they are also dangerous when they begin to colonize in a confined space.  When conditions are right, mold can begin to colonize and grow to dangerous levels in as little as 48 hours!  Whether it's the result of major flooding or leaky plumbing, mold will form if the moisture is not removed in 48-72 hours.  Mold remediation is a multi step process that begins with identifying and fixing the source of persistent moisture.  Additionally, all effected areas must be treated by special cleaning agents or removed and replaced to completely eliminate the mold infestation.  This is a very dangerous and specialized process that should always be handled by a trained professional.

  • Mold cannot be killed by bleach alone and must be physically removed from the structure
  • Whenever entering the infected structure, always wear a protective equipment
  • Removing mold from the air requires the use of specially designed HEPA filters
  • Most bathroom mold is caused by poor ventilation and can be helped by keeping windows/doors open whenever possible
  • In some cases, your HVAC system may require professional cleaning to remove mold spores
  • Mold is associated with numerous health risks and should be addressed as quickly as possible
  • Do not try to wipe down affected areas with bleach or other cleaning agents

Here are some important tips to consider when dealing with mold...

Contact Victory RCS as soon as possible when dealing with mold.

Immediate action is required to help eliminate the health risks associated with mold spores and to address the root cause of the mold.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is one of those essential aspects of home ownership that you hope you will never need.  However, when disaster strikes, you will be so grateful that the cost of restoring your home and valuables will be mostly covered by your insurance company.  In some cases, mold remediation will be covered by your homeowners insurance.  Victory RCS will work closely with your insurance company throughout the process of mold remediation and addressing the root cause of the problem.

Remember these important tips when dealing with your insurance company: