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Water Damage

Water damage can result from various causes ranging from an overflowing toilet to a full scale natural disaster and flood.  Regardless of the cause, water damage can cause long lasting and very serious consequences if not properly handled.  The most important factor when dealing with water damage is timeliness.  The longer water is present, the more severe the damage that will result.  Water mitigation must begin as quickly as possible and must continue until all moisture has been removed.  This involves removing everything from standing water to moisture that is only detectable with the use of sophisticated equipment.  If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, call Victory RCS and allow us to help you salvage as much of your valuable possessions as possible.

  • Make a thorough inventory of all items in the home that will need to be replaced and document with pictures
  • Shut off the main water valve to prevent additional flooding
  • Turn off power at the Circuit Breaker to the effected areas before unplugging any electrical devices
  • Mold can begin to grow within 48-72 hours so you must take immediate action
  • Open all windows to allow the house to air out and promote drying of wet areas
  • Remove items from affected areas that can stain carpet (ie. books, magazines, rugs, etc...)
  • Place aluminum foil or small blocks of wood between wet carpet and furniture legs
  • Do not begin reconstruction until adequate drying has been confirmed by a trained professional

Contact Victory RCS as soon as possible following water damage.

Immediate action is required to help minimize the damage caused by delaying the drying process.

Here are some important tips to consider when dealing with water damage...

  • Contact your insurance company as quickly as possible to notify them of the situation
  • Prepare an inventory list of all belongings that will need to be repaired or replaced and document with photographs
  • Discuss any specific requirements your insurance might have in regards to which Contractors you can use for repairs

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is one of those essential aspects of home ownership that you hope you will never need.  However, when disaster strikes, you will be so grateful that the cost of restoring your home and valuables will be mostly covered by your insurance company.  Victory RCS will work closely with your insurance company throughout the process of restoring and repairing your home to it's original condition.

Remember these important tips when dealing with your insurance company:

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